This product will de-frizz and activate curl with added vitamins and minerals to treat your hair as it styles. Apply to damp or dry hair. EASY.RIDER has a flexible hold and suits all hair that tends to frizz. Apply to damp or dry hair.

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Antioxidant rich green teato help prevent breakage. Vitamin H to prevent hair loss and improve scalp health. Geranium flower oil to give shine and make hair more manageable. Patchouli oil to balance the hair and scalp. Lavender flower oil, which is beneficial to all hair types, it regulates oil, moisturises, promotes shine, and increases body. Tangerine peel oil to protect against environmental stresses, and jasmine oil to help heal sensitive, and dry scalps.

Key Benefits:

Helps to control frizz and activate curls Thickens fine hair and also softens thicker hair types Ideal for all hair types Vegan friendly  Sulphate, paraben and cruelty free

How To Use:

Apply to damp or dry hair
Style as usual