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Our Story

Promising Excellence in Everything We Do. Come and try!

Humble Beginnings

Born in the midst of a global pandemic, founder and experienced hairdresser Robert Bruce indulged his passion for all things haircare and sustainability after noticing a gap in the market that prioritises specialised haircare online which provides a , and find the correct haircare regime for you, delivered to your door quickly and without compromising an eco friendly experience.

Our Ethos

We believe that healthy hair come form a healthy scalp, getting the correct growing environment is just as important to healthy and beautiful hair as treating the problems of the hair itself. Caring for the skin of your scalp, as well as you would care for the skin on your face and body is equally important. We also believe that having great cosmetics does not mean you need to compromise on caring for our planet and its inhabitants, plants, animals and you!

Helping to plant trees with every order
Helping to plant trees with every order
Helping to plant trees with every order
Helping to plant trees with every order

The team at The Shampoo Shop believe if we all act together, as one, we can make a huge difference.

We have carefully considered our brand partners and will continue to only work along side companies with eco-friendly and sustainable policies at centre of their ethos.

We committed to making our packaging as eco-friendly as possible, all the paper products in our packaging are either post consumer recycled or fully recyclable, most of them are both. We will strive to improve our sustainability in all areas of our business